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What is GATHERdata™?

GATHERdata is a sophisticated, real time information, alerting, analysis and reporting platform that uses data collected on mobile devices. It includes tools for:

- form development
- form deployment to mobile devices
- data collection on mobile devices
- reporting data from mobile devices to central database
- sorting of data for outliers, anomalies or triggers
- alerting to pre-configured clients based on individualized thresholds
- data analysis
- reporting
- transmission of reports to pre-configured clients
- worldwide access to data via the web
- transmission of data to legacy database(s) or data warehouse

How to turn data into information

Information drives what we do. With high quality information, our ability to make decisions and understand the impact of our interventions is greatly improved.

GATHERdata can help to collect any data to improve evidence-based decision-making in real time in all areas of your work.  For example we have modules to support:

  • Supply tracking to ensure that they are getting to where they are needed
  • Disease reporting to catch outbreaks in real time to expedite prevention and response
  • Program reporting to monitor program deliverables, staff, and activities to better manage implementation
  • Data collection and reporting to support program evaluations

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    How do I find out more about GATHERdata?

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