FHI360-SATELLIFE is a leader in responding to the information needs of health care providers in the developing world.

Insight into Real Needs

Health information - whether used at the point of care or as a tool to manage a national health care system - is at the heart of good practice. Unfortunately, health and medical practitioners and decision makers in the least developed nations have little or no access to the basic information needed to ensure quality care and efficient allocation of scare resources. FHI360-SATELLIFE's mission is to put that information, and the tools to use it, into the hands of those who need it most. Our work is informed by providers on the frontlines of health care delivery in some the poorest communities in the world.

Content / Connectivity / Community
Treatment guidelines, best practices, and peer advice are key elements in any health worker's decision making process. But without content, connectivity or a community of practice to turn to, many health care providers are forced to rely on outdated information to treat the most challenging health crisises of our time. FHI360-SATELLIFE offers access to the world's leading health and medical literature to providers in developing countries. We help design and select the most appropriate and cost-effective tools for data collection and information exchange. And we support global communities of practice in topic areas essential to delivering health care in the developing world.

Who We Are

FHI360-SATELLIFE, formally known as SATELLIFE, was created in 1987 to bridge the digital and information divides. We are now part of fhi360 - a leader in international development, which expands our own reach toward this goal. We have a rich history of firsts - the first non-profit to own and use a low earth orbit satellite - the first e-mail in Africa - the first online health-focused discussion lists. Today, we continue to fulfill our mission to play a leadership role in responding to the needs of health care providers in the developing world, employing cutting-edge solutions to expand access to health and medical knowledge, putting information into the hands that heal.

Center Staff

Holly Ladd, J.D.
VP & Center Director

Berhane Gebru, MA
Field Programs

Leela McCullough, Ed.D.
Information Services

Andrew Sideman
Programs & Partnerships

Balazs Kosaras

Natasha Paul, MPH